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One of the largest investments you make in life is your home and there is no better agency to help you protect it than Teddy Zach Insurance.
We recommend homeowners insurance to reduce the risk of physical damage to both the inside and outside of your home.
Home owner’s insurance also covers the costs of medical expenses if a person is injured on your property. We can help protect you when a disaster strikes, a fire is started, or any other loss suffered.
It’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt and at Teddy Zach Insurance, we ensure you are covered with the best protection for any potential circumstance.

Call Teddy Zach Insurance today and get the coverage you need to make your house feel like a home.

More About Homeowners Insurance

Though there are several policies available in the market, the best policy is the one which is completely customized as per your requirements and your home. One-size fits all approach does not apply here due to the high level of personalization in each policy.
A typical Homeowners insurance policy includes all the covers which help to pay for your home and its belongings if they happen to get damaged by any natural disasters like theft, fire, hailstorm, snow and much more. Instances like accidental property damage or when a visitor at your home gets injured, are covered in your policy.
It also includes liability coverage including safeguarding the land, property structure and the entire contents of your home. Other structures present on your property are also included. If you want, additional coverages can be added to the basic Homeowners insurance policy. It includes many kinds of coverage such as:
• Dwelling coverage – this covers the home foundation, structure, home contents from natural disasters and is the primary type of coverage in the policy.
• Contents coverage – contents of a home are covered in this kind of home content insurance as per their declared value
• Personal liability – property damage and any physical injury due to accidents are covered

Trustworthy Homeowners Insurance Los Angeles

Your home is probably the biggest purchase you will ever make, and it’s probably your biggest and most valuable asset. And if it is, purchasing a homeowners insurance to protect it from damage would be one of your most valuable investments.
If you’re in the Los Angeles area – there’s only one trusted insurance provider and that’s us. At Zach Insurance, we’ll guide you to find the right homeowners insurance that would not only meet your needs but provide high-quality service as well as having an affordable price. There’s really no better agency to help you with your homeowners insurance needs than us.

Personal Umbrella Insurance Los Angeles

Not only are our umbrella insurance protect you from financial risks when your home gets physically damaged, but our insurance also covers medical expenses when someone gets injured inside the property. Now that’s what you call value!
On top of covering the expenses for physical damage and injuries inside the household, our insurance can also cover the damages from natural disasters, from fires, and any other losses.
Here at Zach Insurance, we gear homeowners to be prepared and be protected for any potential circumstances. Call us now and learn more about our umbrella insurance!

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