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Managing your business is a major investment and one that you should protect with commercial insurance.
With commercial insurance from Teddy Zach, you will receive coverage for damages to business property, their owners and their employees.
Commercial business insurance is an important coverage for any business, but each business has its own unique needs and no case is the same.
Each business is unique and will require a different combination of insurance coverage. At Teddy Zach Insurance Agency, we can help you customize an insurance package to reduce the risk of damage to your business. Give us a call to get your custom quote today!

More About Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance is also known as public liability or employer’s liability. A business can opt from one of the many kinds of commercial insurance available in the market. The key here is to choose a commercial insurance plan which fits your individual business needs. Typically, a professional designer would probably need a lower insurance amount and tenure as compared to a typical tradesman. Risks differ in the type of businesses also.
Majority of the businesses use the covers of professional and public liability while micro and small businesses insurance prefer employer’s liability for coverage. Having commercial insurance coverage is a mandatory legal requirement for all employers and not following the same can land the business on the other side of the law.
Many specialized commercial insurance covers are also present such as business building insurance, business interruption insurance, stock insurance, tools and equipment insurance, IT equipment and laptop insurance, product liability insurance and much more. Businesses prefer taking up customized insurance plans which cover them for the liability and events which are very common in their nature of the business.

Reliable Commercial Insurance Near Me

Your business in itself is a huge major investment – an investment which you need to protect at all cost. But how exactly do you protect it? You protect your investment by getting yourself commercial insurance.
Zach Insurance’s commercial insurance will cover everything from damages to business property, employees, and even the owners. If you’re in Los Angeles and other neighboring areas, don’t hesitate in approaching us – Zach Insurance for all your commercial insurance needs.

Low Cost and Affordable Small Business Insurance

We offer the most comprehensive list of small business insurances in the market – all designed to meet your individual business needs. And when you employ our help – we will do our very best to understand and provide whatever insurance your business needs.
And on top of being a great way to protect your investment and business – it’s also mandatory for employers to get one. To avoid yourself from being on the other side of the law – Talk to us now and we’ll provide you with the most comprehensive commercial insurance in the market.
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